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Online Session

There is an endless amount of DIY coding websites, but often students need help understanding where to begin or what to do when they are stuck. Also, there is a big void in programs in terms of offering and encouraging entrepreneurship skills. After all, we want our students to build software companies, not just work in one of them! This valuable skill will instantly set them apart and give them an edge over their peers. As young innovators, they will enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills while boosting imagination. Find the perfect course here designed for ages 6 to 16 and empower your kid with 21st-century coding skills. Prolific Tech provides best 1:1 or group live session on various technologies like Android App Development, Game Development, Robotics, 3D designing etc. 


ATL or “Atal Tinkering Labs” is an initiative by the Niti Aayog to give a boost to the innovation ecosystem in the country. Our offering for a Tinkering Lab focuses on creating an environment that promotes the participants to dream, the equipment which allows them to tinker, the curriculum that enables them to structure their thinking and a challenging environment that enables young innovators to test themselves. ATL would contain edifying and learning kits and equipment on different fields like in science, robotics, electronics, sensors, open-source microcontroller boards, 3D printers, and computers. This would be a great opportunity for our school to give our students hands-on learning to foster ingenuity, and imagination in adolescent minds.

Online/Offline Workshop

As the future will be revolving around coding, robotics, ML& AI our
workshops begin from Grade 1 & progress till Grade 12 that provides
pedagogically high-quality creative technology training and learning
materials with respective kits. We provide fun & immersive Hands-on training sessions. During the
course of the workshop, students will be introduced to Robotics and its
various aspects by our professionals through supervised interactions
with Real Robots & equipment. The idea of the workshop is to kindle interest
in Robotics & Coding in young minds and expose them to technology,
career opportunities, and prospects of the field. Besides, what better
way to spend your holidays than by playing and creating new things.  The workshop includes Game development,3-D Designing, Virtual Robotics, Android Development etc. 

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