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Prolific Tech is a diversified establishment that provides several preparatory and specialized courses for K-12 students and professionals of Robotics & Coding and also lays a strong foundation of STEAM, Robotics labs & Maker spaces in schools. PROLIFIC TECH is located in New Delhi, INDIA, and is happy to offer its expertise in Robotics, Coding & STEAM Classes. Our tried and true system is based on cumulative experience shared between our trainers and students. We pride ourselves on setting up our students for success in Robotics, Coding & STEAM Classes and are sure that you will leave our sessions more prepared, curious, and dexterous than you have ever been before.

About Our Founder

B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering). Having 3+ years of industrial experience. Worked on more than 1,000+ projects of embedded system, IoT, AI etc. Trained 10,000+ aspirants in the field of Robotics. An established Entrepreneur & dedicated Team Leader.

“Vision to create millions of youth innovators throughout the globe”



Meet The Team of Disruptors

Who are Continuously Working to Cultivate Innovators

Lokendra pushpaj


Vanshaj Koul

Co-Founder (CTO)







Who are we?

We are a team of IIT-NSIT alumni and other premium colleges are a group of change makers united by our passion to create a new lifelong learning paradigm. We envision that collaborative learning communities will become the problem solving champions in a world where agility, creativity, and innovation will be
needed to solve future challenges.

We are a multidisciplinary hub welcoming young minds from different cultures, ethnicities, and abilities where students and professionals from all around the world can learn foundational and advanced courses in various domains as we lay a strong foundation of STEAM and Robotics among young schoolers and professionals.

What do we do?

We deliver an enthusiastic approach to our students to adapt e-learning  e-in an efficient way.

As the technology is changing on a daily basis, we include all the needful information in our curriculum so that our students can go one step ahead by engulfing the current technology to make the world of the future.

Experiments make Einsteins – We are open to each and every idea of our students, as the most creative minds in the world are of youngsters, we are open to every discussion and provide a platform for them to make their idea an innovation.

We are Fanatical about our students and their mentors – we are eccentric towards our students and our goal is to build up that ship of technology that can sail into the vast ocean of ideas and uncertainty to reach out their destination of innovation.

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